Llama and Alpaca Show

Llama and Alpaca Show

Friday, August 11 at 1pm

Saturday, August 12 at 9am

Pavilion 1- East Arena




Superintendent: Danette Jensen

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: Danetta Jensen, 402.304.6986


*This is an ALSA sanctioned show. See current ALSA handbook for complete list of rules. 


Registration Deadline: Sunday, July 30

Check-In: Friday, August 11th, by noon

Show Time: Friday, August 11th, Judge’s meeting at 12:45pm, Show at 1pm (Halter, Showmanship, & Driving)


Saturday, August 12th, Judge’s meeting at 8:45am, Show at 9am (Performance)


Entry Fees: : $10 per animal/per class, non-ALSA member fee $50, non-member youth fee $15, ALSA show fee/per animal $5, stall fees $10 animals per stall w/sand provided.  Tack stall w/no sand $10. 


Late Fees: $10 per animal, no entries after Aug. 8!


See General Show Rules


How To Sign Up


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Rules & Regulations



 1st Place  $30, 2nd Place $20, 3rd Place $10, 4th Place $5, Grand $50, Reserve $25


Animals may leave anytime after they are done competing. Please clean up your garbage in and around stalls before leaving. Sand, hay, and manure will be cleaned up by the Lancaster Event Center.


Show Rules and Information

This will be a 2 day show. Halter, Showmanship and Driving classes will be on Friday. Performance classes will be on Saturday. Animals entered in halter classes must be registered with ILR or be in Non-breeder classes. Bring a copy of your animals registration papers with you or email Danetta a copy. Non-breeder llamas must be accompanied with registration or veterinarian certificate verifying the animal is a gelding, vasectomized male or  non-productive female. Exhibitors must be registered owners and make entry in exact names as shown on the registration certificate or have a permission to show form from the registered owner. Once the class has entered the arena and the gate is closed, late exhibitors may not enter a class. 

Nursing crias may not accompany mothers into arena. It is the exhibitors responsibility to have the animal at the gate promptly for their class. Performance exhibitors who miss the walk thru will not get a separate walk through. Llamas may not be moved form one class to another after halter judging has begun, except at judge's discretion Youth may exhibit only one entry per youth class. Animals can be entered in youth or non-youth performance classes but not both. To qualify for Performance Champion the same animal must show in all 3 performance classes in the division. Animals used in POD or GET must be entered in appropriate halter class also.  Animals entered in POD/GET classes can be decided after halter class. Owner must give show clerks the animals name before this class starts.

Advanced and Master Performance classes will be combined if there are less than 4 animals in either of the 2 divisions. (Example:  If 6 animals are entered in Advanced and 3 in Masters the divisions will be combined.)

***Substitutions of animals entered for reasons satisfactory to the show superintendent and your veterinarians written explanation will be permitted at check-in provided the animal to be substituted was owned by the exhibitor for at least 30 days prior to the show. NO SUBSTITUTIONS AFTER CHECK-IN by noon on Friday Aug 11!

***In special needs classes the Grand and Reserve will be calculated like the other performance classes but will only use Public Relations and Obstacle. It is reccommended that exhibitors 12 years old or younger not use intact males over 24 months old.

All animals must be stalled. Sand will be provided by the Lancaster Event Center. If you don't want sand in animal stall request tack stalls and let Danetta know your 'tack' stall will need a front panel or you can bring your own panel for the stall front. Stalls have cement floors. 2 llamas per stall or 3 alpacas/juvenile llamas per stall.

Upon arrival, turn in health papers(out of State), reg papers, and ALSA cards at Superintendent's booth. Copies of registration papers and ALSA cards can be emailed in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

or mailed to  Danetta Jensen,

5100 Valley Forge Rd.

Lincoln, NE 68521

This will speed up check in.


Health Requirements

The state of Nebraska does require out of state animals coming into the state to be tested and found negative for tuberculosis and Brucellosis within  60 days of entering the state and a CVI within 30 days.


Performance Guidelines

Animals must show in appropriate division.  Advance and Masters will be combined if either division has under 4 animals entered and will be classified as such. It is the owner/handlers responsibility to keep a record of their animal's placements and championships and enter the animal correctly.  Animals shown in the inappropriate division will be subject to having any placements, titles, etc removed from them and premiums will need to be returned to the fair. Eligibility requirements for animals are outlined in the ALSA handbook.


Other Information

Wash bays are available. Please bring your own extension cords and fans.


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