Dressage Horse Show


Saturday, July 29 & Sunday, July 30

8am, Pavilion 3 


Superintendent: Jennifer Rawlinson

Phone: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Email: 402-560-3319 (call or text)


Pre-Registration is OPEN through July 16


Registration Deadline: July 16th   Email show manager with late entry requests, special accommodations and changes. Online Pre-registration is OPEN through July 16th

Check-In: Friday, July 28, 5-8 p.m., in Pavilion 3 or during
show hours on Saturday

Show Times: 8 a.m. start time on Saturday, July 29 (adults)
and Sunday, July 30 (youth)

Entry Fees: $10 one-time office fee (per horse). $20 entry fee per test and $10 for Dress Suitability class and $10 for Dressage Equitation class. $25 stall fee includes one bag of shavings, per stall. Each horse must reserve a stall. (See rules for 4-Hers showing on Sunday)   $9 each additional bag of shavings. $15 tack stall fee (optional).


General Show Rules


Rules and Regulations
Premiums: Class Winner $6.00
Class Second Place $5.00
Class Third Place $3.00

Release Times: Immediately Following your last class

Judge(s): Marie Maloney

Show Rules
PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Once ride times are assigned, we cannot honor all changes. Stalling is required, (no jump outs) bedding MUST be purchased at the Lancaster Event Center. Youth riders will be scheduled on Wednesday, adults on Saturday, or contact the show superintendent if alternative days are requested. To enter by email, mail or contact the show superintendent. 

Warm-Up: Outdoor warm-up area north-west of Pavilion 3. All riders will be assigned a time to perform their test period. Riders can refuse, without penalty, to ride ahead of schedule if they are asked. Failure to report at gate at your designated time could result in penalty. Nebraska Dressage Association schooling show recognized, so see requirements at www.nebraskadressage.org.


20m x 60m First Level and Second Level
20m x 40m might use for Intro, Training Level


  • Simple snaffle bit mandatory thru Second Level, unless showing Western Dressage
  • English style saddle mandatory, unless showing Western Dressage
  • No tie-downs, martingales, side reins, or similar devices allowed
  • Riders must wear boots or hard soled shoes with heels
  • Humane spurs and a whip no more than 4 feet long allowed
  • All competitors are required to wear ASTM/SEI certified helmet when mounted
  • Due to the limited number of dirt stalls, some horses may be stalled on concrete
  • No health papers or cogg required
  • Concentrate Nixall disinfectant is available for $20.00 at the farrier office (located in Pavilion 2), where other stall cleaning supplies are also available
  • No dogs allowed in Pavilion 3 except as required for special needs
  • United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)/United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Rules apply


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